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Posted By: Dave (the ancient mariner)
11-Jan-00 - 11:58 PM
Thread Name: Name our band
Subject: Lyr Add: THE FERRYMAN^^^
How about "The Ferrymen" here's a song fer ye lads and lasses...Yours, Aye. Dave

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE FERRYMAN

All the little boats are gone, From the banks(?) upon the Liffey, The ferrymen are stranded on the quay, Oh the Dublin docks are dying, and a way of life was gone, and Molly it was a part of you and me.

Where the strawberry beds, Sweep down to the Liffey, I(You) kiss away the worries from your(my) brow, Cause I love you well today, and I'll love you more tomorrow, And if you ever loved me Molly love me now

Twas the only job I knew, It was hard but never lonely, The Liffey Ferry made a man of me, But it's gone without a whisper Forgotten even now, Oh it's over Molly over can't you see


But now I'll tend the yard, And spend me days a talking I hear them whisper Charlie's on the dole But Molly we're still livin' and darling we're still young, That river never owned my heart and soul.


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