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Posted By: GUEST,12StringStan
29-Nov-05 - 02:20 PM
Thread Name: unforgivable damage?
Subject: unforgivable damage?
I Post this to see if anybody has been faced with this dilema.

My own guitar is away at the luthier's being refretted, and general renovation work, and in it's absence, an aquaintance (not friend, AQUAINTANCE) very kindly offered me his guitar for use while he holidays in spain. Last night i was playing a gig, and all was well, took my break halfway through, and while having a puff outside (Irish law) a fight erupted in the pub, resulting in a group of lads ending up on the stage, being shoved etc. One of my speakers hit the ground and smashed the casing, my mixing desk drunk a pint of lager, but worst of all is the guitar. a 1970's Martin D1 in Bits. The headstock in 2 pieces The neck, is split head to toe, the front of the body had a foot put through it, and from the pre amp on top to the bottom is split.
I am sick.
The pub refuses to accept liability, as they say i'm responsible for my equipment on stage, even though i argue, they filled these lads with drink....

My main worry is that my aquaintance is due back Thursday afternoon, with a gig thursday night, and he won't know anything till he arrives at my house. I have no contact number or anything.

In my eyes his guitar is damaged beyond all repair, and i will without fault re imburse him financially or with a replacement guitar (70's Martin????) But how on earth can i possibly break this news to him in the nicest easiest way. I never slept last night or ate today with my churning over this.

If any catter's have ever been in this awfull situation, any advice??