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Posted By: Mo the caller
29-Nov-05 - 06:00 PM
Thread Name: Morris Dancers-why do you dance?
Subject: RE: Morris Dancers-why do you dance?
For all injured and retired Morrispersons, try Playford dancing. You still got the joys of the music, fellowship, and movement even if the excersise is (sometimes) more gentle.
As with most forms of folk you can walk into a club in a strange town and be among friends who will greet you in the street the next day.
As for it being a waste of playing time someone said "Dance is music made visible". I prefer to respond to the music with my whole body, or,when I'm calling, with a room full of other peoples bodies. That may be because I'm not co-ordinated enough to make good music with my fingers (I can't clog dance either).
Oh the buzz of getting a difficult dance right. And the fun getting through a dance even if its gone wrong (I can go hopelessly wrong while trying to watch out for a beginner).
Happy dancing, whatever type is for you.