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29-Nov-05 - 08:45 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: The Face on the Bar-room Floor
Subject: RE: Tune Req: 'The Face on the Bar-room Floor'
Publishing History, "The Face Upon the Floor," 1887, Henry Antoine D'arcy (1843-1925).
Perhaps this will counteract some of the nonsense in this thread.

1. H. A. D'arcy, "The Face Upon the Floor." 1887. Four page pamphlet. Listed in NUC (National Union Catalog), NUC D 0043083, 4:DLC CU-8 InU N. This Catalogue is not available on line.
2. H. A. D'arcy, "The Face Upon the Floor," 1890, Seer Press, NY, 4pp. Copy in Library of Congress, Rare Books, Special Collections Reading Room. LC Control Number 50045293. Listed in Library of Congress Online Catalog. A reprint of the 1st. edition.

3. Sullivan, Francis (Ed.), 1889, "No, 25, Standard Recitations by Best Authors." Includes "The Face Upon the Floor," by D'arcy. The second appearance of the poem.

4. "The Face on the Barroom Floor (sic)," a plagiarism, Bowery Song Sheet.
This is the source of the commonly used title.

4. H. A. D'arcy, "The Face Upon the Floor and Other Ballads," 1912, 104pp., William G. Hewitt, NY. First collected edition of D'arcy's poems.
5. H. A. D'arcy, The Face Upon the Floor and other Poems," 1918, Green Room Club, ed. 110pp. D'arcy signed many copies. Contains the legend, "Magdelen."

Reprinted in many volumes since.

The painting on the floor of the Teller House, Central City, CO., is by Herndon Davis, of his wife. It started out as a joke, but the proprietors saw dollar signs and tied it to D'arcy's poem. Davis became an artist for the Smithsonian Institution, and was working there when he died in 1962.