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Posted By: Ebbie
30-Nov-05 - 12:46 PM
Thread Name: No invisible means of support
Subject: RE: No invisible means of support
Clinton, I almost said physical 'plane' but inserted the other as a referent to being 'encompassed' about.

Giok, I don't actually agree with that statement either, that it's more comforting to believe there is a better place than it would be to accept extinguishment. I tend to feel that *no one* is absolutely unshakable in their beliefs. I could cite a number of scenarios that I believe would take people aback.( For that matter, people who are absolutely certain in any opinion are scary to me.)

On the other hand, a belief that the physical and material is all there is and that with your last breath you cease to be, why should that thought not be comforting?

Art, I love exploring the deepest corners of my mind's beliefs which is where I find subjects like this.

Mick, love you.