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Posted By: Ebbie
30-Nov-05 - 03:50 PM
Thread Name: No invisible means of support
Subject: RE: No invisible means of support
Some of the things I believe are the product of a developing understanding - (and I'm not done yet!). For instance, I agree with Sinsull that a god is not out there watching me walk along a sidewalk and protecting me from a ladder about to fall - but lets it fall on the next person. I agree with Sins that that's a strange, self-absorbed view of one's doing and being.

However (there is ALWAYS a however) I have come to believe somethings that I was never taught, and which may sound sacreligious to some.

I have my own tortured terminology for it, so bear with me...

I seem to have found that if one puts oneself into a certain flow, a certain mindset, perhaps, certain events will happen or not happen in a coherence that can be startling. I have come to the place where I count on it. That, basically, means that I *know* I will be where I need to be at any given time, I *know* that my life will unfold in the direction I *need*, I *know* that I will meet the people along the way who will help me learn, will help support me in the ways I need to see...

I suspect that it has nothing whatever to do with religion or a god's intervention. I suspect that the person can be an atheist or a saint and anything in between. (Maybe even a crook in his or her activities- although I would hope not!)

Another way of looking at it may be visualizing a strawberry bed. Each blossom and fruit appears separate and self sufficient but underneath there is a whole world we don't see, a network that connects them all, feeds them all and gives them all the information they need to thrive and produce.