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Posted By: Rapparee
30-Nov-05 - 05:20 PM
Thread Name: Wow! Read This About Wikipedia
Subject: RE: Wow! Read This About Wikipedia
This highlights the problem of information on the Internet: there is no guarentee of either accuracy OR responsibility.

Witness these statements, quoted verbatim from the Internet:

Communism is jewish. The jews have aligned all the different pure races against each other, using their power of the purse and their total control of the national news media in the United States. When all other races rise up together against the jew all over the world, then true Freedom and Liberty shall prevail.

An organization has been granted a Federal Hearing on the same subject by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in Washington, DC. Their petition, Number 2493, would ultimately pave the way to stop the reading of the gospel of our Lord and Savior, on the airwaves of America. They got 287,000 signatures to back their stand!

If this attempt is successful, all Sunday Worship services being broadcast on the radio or by television will be stopped. This group is also campaigning to remove all Christmas programs and Christmas carols from public schools!!

...properly placed faith and trust is both the missing preventative and curative for smallpox and every other ailment that plagues humanity. So as an alternative to toxic vaccinations, apply Divine actualizations for continued health and well-being.