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Posted By: GUEST,Mrs Olive Whatnoll
30-Nov-05 - 09:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wot makes the British so SEXY?
Subject: BS: Wot makes the British so SEXY?
To 'ell wif the bleedin' South Americans and Dagoes and them lot! They are way overrited when it comes to good old-fashioned sex appeal loik us Brits 'ave when we gets goin'! I'll tell you wot I fancy in a man...a nice set o' trousers wot is well tailored, a sober sports jacket and tie, and a stiff upper lip wot barely conceals the fact that 'e is a towering mountain of desire when 'e gets a gal be'ind closed doors. Roight! You want to find yourself a good solid British bloke wot puts 'is trousers on one side at a time and loiks 'is Guinness and 'is pub time. A man wot votes solid for the party of 'is choice and don't sway to the wind ever time it blows. Not a bleedin' Communist radical or someone wot wears a Hawaiian shirt! And not some slippery beggar wif a heavy tan and sunglasses!

As for British WOMEN! Well...I could say a lot about 'ow frightfully sexy, ravishing, and to'ally irresistible a good British woman is when she chooses to be...But I would not want to be accused of boastin', not me.

The facts are plain. The British are damn sexy, more sexy than the French will ever be because the French women don't shave their body 'air. Disgustin', that's wot it is! No wonder Boney lost the bleedin' war.

Now, De Gaulle, 'e was middlin' sexy...but only middlin'. Not near as sexy as our lads.