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Posted By: SINSULL
30-Nov-05 - 10:54 PM
Thread Name: No invisible means of support
Subject: RE: No invisible means of support
So MUCH, Susan???? One thread from a man who has lived a long, full life, touched millions with his wit and music, and deals daily with a relentless illness. Given your background I would hope that it does not come as a surprise to you that as people age they try to understand the purpose of the life they have led.

I pity your parishioners if, when they ask for help, they get this same, dismissive "know it all" but offer nothing response. Have you some irrefutable proof of the existence of your deity? We are all ears. Blind faith does not work for many of us.

Lastly, Art made it clear that he was not attacking any religion. He is asking atheists for their reasons for not accepting the existence of a deity. It is a question that has fascinated the greatest minds for time immemorial and to date has not been solved conclusively. Books are published every year on the subject. TV, radio, the press cover it daily. I wonder why you are so afraid of people thinking along lines different from your own beliefs. Why are you so threatened especially if your faith is so rock solid?