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Posted By: *daylia*
01-Dec-05 - 09:41 AM
Thread Name: No invisible means of support
Subject: RE: No invisible means of support
I don't care to argue for or against the existence of "God" today, but I will say this ...

NO alchemist, scientific genius or metaphysical guru has managed yet to produce living substance from dead atoms. Life is supported by non-living material (Ie air) and forces (ie gravity), but cannot be artificially generated from non-living matter by any known means.

IMO, the best explanation human beings have come up with yet is that without life-force energy - that mysterious, invisible force the Chinese call chi, the Hawaiians and the ancient Europeans called mana, and the Hindus call prana - 'dead' matter remains forever inanimate.

Blind faith in some Being supposedly up in the clouds watching over everything is not a prerequisite for recognizing life-force energy as the ever-present, indispensable, and yes invisible foundation which organizes, supports and maintains all life. “Beliefâ€쳌 is not necessary for working successfully with that energy to one's advantage, and in so doing realizing the awesome healing, generative and constructive Power each and every one of us has at our disposal, every day of our lives.

I know. I've been studying and practicing energetic techniques for a few years now, and I continue to reap the wonderful rewards of my efforts every day of my life.   Life has changed SO much - I just seem to be happier, healthier, more loving, positive, productive, grateful and understanding every day!   

Hey, I actually look forward to the coming day when I open my eyes in the morning these days! It felt so strange at first to have more than enough energy to easily accomplish everything I need to do. And I can fall asleep at night in 2 minutes flat now, with nothing but thankful, positive, affirming, joyful thoughts and images running round the brain.

This a totally new experience of life, for me, believe me!

Anyway, I have no problem recognizing the host of invisible physical and non-physcial forces or energies supporting my life - from gravity and magnetism and electricity, to other peoples' physical/mental/emotional/imaginative energy and products thereof, to "mana" or "chi". And, surprisingly enough, I don't need (or want) "religion" in any way shape or form to do that!

All the best in your search for truth, Art.