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Posted By: Bill D
01-Dec-05 - 10:21 PM
Thread Name: No invisible means of support
Subject: RE: No invisible means of support
*daylia* took me two searches, with "life laboratory "amino acid" as the final search term, to find this page, explaining how we are able to do, in a laboratory, the basic first steps of creating necessary constituents of life.

Of course we have not started from scratch and created something that swims or hops or does rap music, for, if scientific theory is true, it took many millions of years and trillions of reactions with lightning, water, chemicals...and chance... to get those amino acids to combine into enzymes and substances which are sensitive to light and having some primitive cellular structure. And many MORE millions of years to get creatures who could argue about it all!

The key here is "millions of years" and "trillions of reactions". It is very difficult to grasp or comprehend numbers like does not visualize enormous amounts of time and molecular interactions, you just have to 'realize' somehow the math involved and be in awe of the process. It is not magic, it is just laws of going to Australia and meeting your 3rd grade school teacher in a pub...only 283,094,573,027,200,329 times MORE complicated and unlikely! (There were only 6 billion people who could have been in that pub!)

We do sort of understand how life could have happened in such circumstances, and we know other aspects of the equations that might also have influenced it all.......and that's why some of us, as Art asked, don't 'require' a Divine creation or ANY "intelligent design"...we are content to just see what we can unravel of the process.

Does this remove the need for morality and love and beauty and justice and personal creativity? Not at all! Wherever we came from, we are complex creatures who HAVE those concepts, and there are detailed philosophical theories which (try to) explain why we need principles and laws and concern for our own survival and interrelationships.

Now, this is obviously not enough for many....and of COURSE was not enough for out remote ancestors who gathered in caves and wondered why night became day and what made fire and how babies were made. They NEEDED explanations, and had no laboratories or Mudcat forum to debate it all. We have 'creation myths' from many, many cultures....are the ones which got put into famous books any better than stories about "turtles all the way down"? And if so, why?

   The Christian Bible is a very complex book, and has some wonderful insights about many things. Whether it is literally true is not something we can never prove, but it shows ways to approach many issues. I have always been fascinated by the story of the "Tower of Babel", because I always read into that an explanation of why we can have so many different versions of *TRUTH*...and all those tongues and all those minds and all those people have NEVER come to an agreement about why, and when, and how, we got where we are.

To sort of answer Art's question, I don't believe what I don't believe because there is SO much to explore without choosing one of ....thousands?...of competing theories. Science is NOT just one theory among is a never ending attempt to learn and clarify.