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Posted By: Clinton Hammond
02-Dec-05 - 12:01 AM
Thread Name: Wow! Read This About Wikipedia
Subject: RE: Wow! Read This About Wikipedia
" The problem, Clinton, is that people do!"
That's their problem, not mine!

"a piece of information posted with the intent of harming someone's reputation. It is not harmless."
Oh yes it is.. because anyone really interesting in that piece of information is responsible to do as Ron says... "Find backing evidence. Use common sense."

"In fact you said you'd believe it, about AMORC, "
Yes... because it best summed up what I learned looking into AMORC... and I'm certainly not going to listen to the opinion of someone IN a cult when they are talking about that cult...   I didn't say I referenced wiki and wiki only... only an IDIOT only uses ONE reference or information source...

"we should demand and expect that information published this way has to be correct as well."
It is YOUR responsibility to be your own fact-checker...

I'm gonna quote what Don said, cause it bears repeating
" No matter how good the source, you still have to use your head."

And one more time

" No matter how good the source, you still have to use your head."


"The problem is that no one is accountable."
The person READING the article is accountable to CHECK what they read BEFORE they believe it...