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Posted By: JohnInKansas
02-Dec-05 - 07:17 AM
Thread Name: No invisible means of support
Subject: RE: No invisible means of support
Red Green has the explanation for all of mysticism, with the frequent line:

"The thing that men find it almost impossible to say; - - - -
- - - - - - -'I DON'T KNOW!'"

But I'm not sure whether he realizes it.(?)

When you don't know the answer, I find it "unsatisfying" to see something fabricated from imagination and offered as an "answer."

The only correct answer is "I DON'T KNOW."

And if "I don't know," and if "I can't find out," then it really doesn't matter.

If it mattered, the way in which it mattered would give me a way to know. For the "truths" of the mystics, there is no way to know - except to choose which *liar to believe. ... And have faith.

*Please don't take offense, but the "liar" (a euphemism here) doesn't know either. If he did he could show me a proof. He can't, and has nothing to offer except "you must have faith." Same thing the other liar says, but a vaguely different thing "you must have faith" about.


What people do to each other "because they have faith" in one liar or another does matter. It can be easily shown that some people "believe" when it benefits them, and that their "belief" matters. Mostly it's not an impressive record.