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Posted By: catspaw49
12-Jan-00 - 06:33 PM
Thread Name: The future of Mudcat. What do YOU think?
Subject: RE: The future of Mudcat. What do YOU think?
What would I like to see? Basically, what Max said about a more sophisticated category system that must be used to create a thread would probably work quite well. I read a lot of threads that I don't post on, simply learn from. There are plenty of each type of thread and I can't see the need for any more "rooms" or forums or whatever. The stuff that interests you is NOT all that hard to locate or trace.

There has been talk of expanding the magazine portion of the 'Cat and that strikes me as a fine idea. With a little focus and thought, I think its easily accomplished...the only practical barrier is Max's time. And that is a valuable commodity to us all. So when you want to start that, let some of us know, and we'll be happy to help.

A chat room will relieve some of the pressure, but not all by any means. Its still something we need as time permits.

All of this focuses quite unfortunately on Max. If there are ways that even the true computer dimbulbs such as I can help, please let us know.