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Posted By: GUEST,12stringstan
03-Dec-05 - 11:07 AM
Thread Name: unforgivable damage?
Subject: RE: unforgivable damage?
Sorry for neglecting this thread. thank you for replies and suggestions, but the incident seems to be sorting itself out.

The lads were arrested later that night, drunk and disorderly, and given a bed in the cells. unbeknown to me the landlord has a brother in law, a member of the very same station. making his initial reaction even stranger i think, But he has now reported them, and is bringing a case against them, claiming damage to premises and furniture, breach of the peace, and basically anything else he can.

To my end, he has offered to repair or replace the equipment, to my discretion, in so far as we do as we feel nesacerry, he will then come with us personally, to collect and pay for all equipment, believing he may recover part of the expense in court.

It was the morning after i initially posted this, he rang up, with a full apology, invited me and the family down for a meal, and put the offer to us. That's what you call sleeping on it huh!.

My Aquantaince was a little annoyed to put it mildly, but eventually confessed it could have easily happened to him, so we are thankfully still on speaking terms, I offered him a bodhran to smash up in return, but his heart wasn't in it!

The Future's bright..........