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Posted By: JedMarum
13-Jan-00 - 09:53 AM
Thread Name: The future of Mudcat. What do YOU think?
Subject: RE: The future of Mudcat. What do YOU think?
Max - in truth you have done an outstanding job creating and running this place! The website itself handles volume very well, everything works (well) the rich set of features are well ordered, easy to find and easy to work - and (most importantly to us) the site has drawn a moderately sized regular usership. These are no small feats in the world of Internet Technologies. I know for the most part our focus here is music - but this venue Max has created and operates; runs beautifully - and I am sure all agree.

Like Max, I believe a second forum for other purposes is counterproductive. Even in this thread we've crept into the area of music - we're such an undisciplined lot; how would we ever keep the music out of the bullsh*t and the bullsh*t out of the music! ;-)