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Posted By: mthompso
13-Jan-00 - 10:15 AM
Thread Name: Copyrights and traditional tunes
Subject: Copyrights and traditional tunes
I am putting together a collection of shetland tunes. So far I have scoured the net for tunes, I have found about 80 of them. I want to make sure that when I print this collection out, that I am not stepping on anyones toes (don't need the agrivation). My plan for this collection is to print it out for several friends, and possibly distribute it a bit more widely. Since these are what I think are public domain tunes, is there anything I should do to make sure that I am not ripping any one else off? I have several tunes that say they are from the fiddlers fake book, since the tunes themselves are public domain, is it alright to use these tunes? Is there anything else I should watch out for?

Thanks for the help and suggestions.