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Posted By: Helen
15-Nov-97 - 04:58 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Child Ballads
Subject: RE: Child Ballad lyrics online?
Hi again I did a few searches, and found Waly Waly under The Water is Wide in DT, "filename[ WATRWIDE"

I also found an amazing site about ballads

They cross reference a huge number of songs to The Water is Wide. Child#204 is called Jamie Douglas, and is referred to near the end of this cut-&-paste

I also tried the Flanders search site, but no-go on the 2 you want.


DESCRIPTION: The singer laments the effects of unrequited love and an untrue lover. Typical symbols include the rotten-hearted oak that looks solid but breaks and the beautiful flower protected by thorns. In some versions the lover is untrue; sometimes she is dead AUTHOR: unknown EARLIEST DATE: 1803 KEYWORDS: love rejection lyric nonballad lament lover death FOUND IN: Britain(England,Scotland) Ireland US(Ap,SE) REFERENCES (12 citations): Bronson (204), 8 versions (including "Jamie Douglas") Kennedy 149, "Deep in Love" (1 text, 1 tune) Logan, pp. 336-337, "Picking Lilies" (1 text) Leach, pp. 546-551, "Jamie Douglas" (3 texts, with only the third text belonging with this piece) Friedman, p. 101, "Jamie Douglas" (2 texts, with only the second text belonging with this piece) Sharp-100E 39, "O Waly Waly" (1 text, 1 tune) Sandburg, pp. 16-17, "Waillie, Waillie!" (1 text, 1 tune) Vaughan Williams/Lloyd, p. 53, "I Wish, I Wish" (1 text, 1 tune) Copper-SoBreeze, pp. 218-219, "Love" (1 text, 1 tune) Lomax-FSNA 70, "Love is Pleasin'" (1 text, 1 tune, of four verses, two of which go here, one belongs with "Fair and Tender Ladies," and the fourth could be from several sources) SHenry H683, p. 393, "The Apron of Flowers" (1 text, 1 tune -- apparently a collection of floating verses including one that goes here) DT (204), WALYWALY WALYWAL2* WALYWAL3* CCKLSHLL* WATRWIDE* CROSS-REFERENCES: cf. "Jamie Douglas" [Child #204] (lyrics) cf. "Love Is Teasing" cf. "Careless Love" cf. "Died for Love" ALTERNATE TITLES: A Ship Came Sailing When Cockle Shells Turn Silver Bells NOTES: Some scholars consider this a degraded form of "Jamie Douglas" [Child #204], with which it shares a few lines. Since, however, "Waly Waly" has worn away to a purely lyric piece, it is my firm opinion that the two should be kept separate. - RBW