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Posted By: Beardy
09-Dec-05 - 06:19 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: New Year's Eve (Si Kahn)
Subject: Lyr Add: NEW YEAR'S EVE (Si Kahn)
(Si Kahn, 1974)
As recorded by Si Kahn on "New Wood" (1974)

I have seen you tossin' restless between midnight and day,
Payin' back the debts of many years,
Or starin' out the window 'til the mist has burned away,
And waitin' for the sun to dry your tears.
I've seen you young; I've seen you old, an' I've seen you lost and found.
I've seen you sit and cry without a sound.

And I've seen you in the lamplight with the hard lines in your face,
And the shadows of your fears upon the wall;
But cryin' ain't no weakness and to lose is no disgrace.
You see, we're not so diff'rent after all.
But can't you tell by the ringin' bell, the old year's movin' on?
I'd like to say one thing before it's gone.

May whatever house you live in have flowers by the door,
And children in the bed to keep you warm.
May the people there accept you for what you really are,
And help you find some shelter in the storm;
And mornin' rain to ease the pain that comes with being free.
May the New Year bring you freedom peacefully.

Only very slight difference from what you wrote, Raggy