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Posted By: Bill Hahn//\\
10-Dec-05 - 03:10 PM
Thread Name: Isn't This A Time - opens in NYC
Subject: RE: Isn't This A Time - opens in NYC
Rebecca: Glad to read your comments since the review in Friday's NY Times is one of the most condescending reviews I have read in quite a while and utterly missed the point of the film. The reviewer claims that "...Brown beat the odds" in trying to make a film based on a satire (A Mighty Wind) and people who are of a generation that appreciate that film will find this of "....middling" interest". You seem to belie that alleged "fact" and I can only guess that reviewer has her head in a place that precludes her from seeing a difference between the two films---and I won't get into my opinion of A Mighty Wind. WHere the reviewer's head is---ahh---very dark in that place for a contortionist

By the way--I, too, have seen Isn't This A Time and the only thing it should and can be compared to is Wasn't That A Time and there it compares very favoribly.   Also--a tribute to an idealist who could mix business and honor with his love for his "clients"---and they were not just "folkies". He had quite a large and varied roster at one point

Bill Hahn