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Posted By: kytrad (Jean Ritchie)
10-Dec-05 - 07:31 PM
Thread Name: Happy Birthday kytrad-Jean Ritchie Dec 8
Subject: RE: BS: Happy Birthday Jean Ritchie 12/8
Karen- Thank you dear one, but enough "Refreshing!" Don't know how I deserve such a great FAN as you! And thank all you good friends for your words and wishes- in this cold spell of weather they surround me with warmth and blessings, always needed and always appreciated.

Let each of us celebrate the Season in his/her own way...the shortest day is approaching- then the new year will begin to grow and the days lengthen and grow warmer, seedlings sprout and life begin again. My name for it is Christmas, and, The Winter Solstice. Give it your own name and may you all be warmed and blessed in its celebration. God has many names, and honors all His/Her children!    Love,   Jean