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Posted By: Tannywheeler
12-Dec-05 - 03:34 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Tune/Chords Req: A Mother's Love Is a Blessing
Subject: RE: Lyr/Tune/Chords Req: A Mother's Love's a Blessing
True story:
Back in the mists of prehistory, say the 1980s and even into the '90s, there was a lovely place in downtown Austin called The Colorado Street Cafe. The guy who ran it knew a bunch of folks who dabbled in "traditional" music for the love of it. He OKed sessions several nights a week, combination instrumental/vocal. One of the regulars knew this song and taught it to the rest of us. Fast Forward to the time when "they" had made a movie of McCourt's "Angela's Ashes". We got invites to the Austin Sneak Preview of same. Noone had heard of the movie at the time. We(hubby and I, same as used to go to Colorado Street) went, didn't recognize anyone else in the audience, watched the movie, gasped when the song started, and clutched hands til our knuckles turned white as we listened. OK, no biggy, kinda shaggy-dog story. So you tell one......                Tw