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Posted By: treewind
16-Dec-05 - 05:52 PM
Thread Name: PRS at it again!!
Subject: RE: PRS at it again!!
Some guitar stores display a big "No Stairway" notice.

And "GUEST Devonian": Will the PRS try to charge the likes of Hobgoblin and Bridge Instruments if any folkie plays a recognisable tune when trying out instruments at festival stalls?

The original post suggests: yes they will, if they think of it.

This is all absurd. If they charge the shop, then if George (for example) goes into the shop to try out a guitar and plays one of his songs he should be able to submit it to the PRS as a registered performance and claim money back from them. Even more absurdly, they'd probably pay up too.

We've (or Mary has) just had a return from the PRS. One entry (that paid us the princely sum of 55p) was for a song done in a session at Bedworth Festival two years ago. BUT... the PRS were making the festival fill in a report on every song sung and tune played at all events, so we had only dutifully done as requested - and that was the eventual result.

The entry for a song Verity Sharp played on Late Junction (BBC R3) earlier this year was nice, though :-) A bit more than the above mentioned 55p. I think it was the result of sampling because two other tracks played on LJ on other dates weren't mentioned.