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Posted By: treewind
18-Dec-05 - 04:10 AM
Thread Name: PRS at it again!!
Subject: RE: PRS at it again!!
GUEST said:
The trouble is the poor old composer doesn't usally get the royaly it's swallowed up in the machine - only the rich artis get richer!

There was a time a few years ago when this was true. The PRS were very slack about small payments like folk performances, but they got into big trouble over this and their system seems to cope with the small stuff now.

If the PRS form is filled in, and the writers mentioned are PRS members, it doesn't get lost in the system - the PRS pays up.

What's more likely in many cases is either the venue doesn't send in a PRS form, or there are songwriters involved who aren't PRS members, in which case they don't get anyting.