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Posted By: Zhenya
18-Dec-05 - 09:42 PM
Thread Name: Isn't This A Time - opens in NYC
Subject: RE: Isn't This A Time - opens in NYC
I went to see this yesterday and found it very absorbing throughout. I often had to stifle the urge to applaud right in the movie theatre after some of the musical numbers, as I did feel at times as if I was at a concert rather than a movie. At any rate, the audience in the theater gave this a good round of applause at the end. I'd say the theater was about half full at a late afternoon showing.

I was familiar with most of the songs, but not all of the musicians (well I recognized their names, at least, but wasn't that familiar with the work of a few of them.) I particularly enjoyed the sets of Arlo and his band (I have gotten to see him perform with his daughter in concert) and The Weavers.

I thought there was a good mix of music and cutting away to discussion with the performers. Again, some of their backgrounds and stories were familiar to me, but quite a bit was new for me.

There were quite a few gasps in the audience at the end when it was noted onscreen that Harold Leventhal had recently died. For some reason, I was surprised by this - I guess I assumed this would be a hard core "folkie" audience that would be up on this kind of thing. But I guess if you didn't catch the news, you just didn't.

As far as appealing to a younger audience...? Well, I've been to a number of Arlo's Carnegie Hall concerts (alas not this one) and there seem to be plenty of younger people there, so many would know who he is. I'm guessing many would also know about Pete Seeger and Peter, Paul and Mary (all those camp songs!) Assuming a younger person had some interest in folk music at all, I don't see why this wouldn't be appealing, even if they didn't live through any of this time period themselves.

Anyway, I'll add yet another recommendation to go see this movie/concert.