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Posted By: lesblank
19-Dec-05 - 07:27 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Let's Take an Old-Fashioned Walk
Subject: ADD: Let's Take An Old Fashioned Walk (I Berlin)
(Irving Berlin, 1948)

Some couples go for a buggy ride when they start thinking a lot
Others will bicycle side by side down to some old fashioned spot
But when you haven't a sou
There's only one thing to do

Let's take an old fashioned walk, I'm just yearning to talk
What a tale could be told coming home from an old fashioned walk
Let's take a stroll thru the park to some place where it's dark
And a heart that's controlled could relax on an old fashioned walk

I know for a couple who seemed to be miles apart
There's nothing like walking and having a heart-to-heart (walking and talking)
And I know a girl who declined - couldn't make up her mind
She was wrapped up and sold coming home from an old fashioned walk.

Back in 1949, a schoolmate of mine, Merle Nester and I sang this song on WFIL_TV - Paul Whiteman's TV Teen Club. We didn't win but had a ball !! Hope you have as good a duet partner !!!

Les Blank