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19-Dec-05 - 11:56 AM
Thread Name: PRS at it again!!
Subject: RE: PRS at it again!!
Schedule 1


2 (i) The descriptions of entertainment are-

(a) a performance of a play
(b) an exhibition of a film
(c) an indoor sporting event
(d) a boxing or wrestling entertainment
(e) a performance of live music
(f) any playing of recorded music
(g) a performance of dance
(h) entertainment of a similar description to that falling within paragraph (e), (f) or (g),

where the entertainment takes place in the presence of an audience and is provided for the purpose, or for purposes which include the purpose. of entertaining that audience.

(2) Any reference in sub-paragraph (1) to an audience includes reference to spectators.

(3) This paragraph is subject to Part 3 of this Schedule (interpetation).