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Posted By: Jeri
19-Dec-05 - 01:41 PM
Thread Name: Obit: John Spencer (Leo McGarry) - Dec 2005
Subject: RE: Obit: John Spencer (Leo McGarry)
Leo McGarry was my favorite character on The West Wing, possibly because he struggled for redemption and won. Alcoholism and addiction and his own mistakes. I remember the show in which they interrogated the young Moslem staff member because they thought he was a terrorist. McGarry faced his own prejudice, he eventually recognized it and wound up apoligising. Most people won't see that sort of thing about themselves, and Spencer made you feel discomfort at being wrong, his shame at what he'd put the guy through, and at the same time, his dignity. It was a deceptively complicated moment in that role, and it was played perfectly.

I wonder what will happen in the show. I look forward to seeing how they pay homage to the man because I'm sure they will. My guess is he'll be assasinated because they really can't have him die of a heart attack. Not just because it wouldn't work with the storyline, but primarily because of the heartbreak it would cause.

That was the McGarry character, but I read that Spencer thought McGarry was written as the person he'd wanted to be. According to one article I read, he said it was "life imitating art, imitating life."   I don't remember ever seeing him in another role, but I'll sure miss him in this one.