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Posted By: treewind
20-Dec-05 - 12:26 PM
Thread Name: PRS at it again!!
Subject: RE: PRS at it again!!
Re MCPS, a bit of historical background:

MCPS exists to make sure that artists and authors get royalties from the sales of CDs. A record company selling CDs must therefore register each pressing run (actually it's done by the pressing plant) with the MCPS, which gives the MCPS an exact tally of how many were made and (hopefully) sold so they know what royalties are due.

They never bothered about CDR media initially because CDRs were expensive and unreliable and took a long time to burn. Theye were usually demos or specialist short runs. For a few years now it's been easy to produce reliable CDRs cheaply and fast in quantities of hundreds, and it's therefore possible for a record label to knock out lots of CDRs and sell them in the shops, not keeping any accounts and not paying royalties to the artists who made the recordings, and the there are some clear indications that at least one unscpupulous record company has done this, to the detriment of some well respected folk arstists.

Obviously if somebody makes a few CDRs of their music at home and sells them to their friends or at gigs then MCPS aren't likely to be bothered, (or even to know), but there are good reasons why they should want to know about CDR production generally in case it is running to thousands and somebody's being ripped off.

In theory, if you record your own compositions on CDR and register it with MCPS, they should be taking it away with one hand and giving it all back with the other. If some of your material was written by someone else and in copyright and that author is registered with MCPS, they'll get their share too. I think that's how it's supposed to work.

My guess is that MCPS will only bother with anyone making enough CDRs to be selling them through retailers.