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Posted By: PennyBlack
20-Dec-05 - 01:57 PM
Thread Name: PRS at it again!!
Subject: RE: PRS at it again!!
In theory, if you record your own compositions on CDR and register it with MCPS, they should be taking it away with one hand and giving it all back with the other. If some of your material was written by someone else and in copyright and that author is registered with MCPS, they'll get their share too. I think that's how it's supposed to work

Only if you're registered with PRS as well!

All the time we've been producing CDRs for sale we have always registered with MCPS after all if we're making money from someones ability and hard work, surely they're entitle to be recompensed?

I know of several producers of CDRS, who do so for Artists and charge for doing so, fail to comply with the law and do the run without a certificate - to me this is totally dishonest and robbing a fellow musician.

I would also urge all songwriters to register with PRS/MCPS.