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Posted By: Bill D
20-Dec-05 - 09:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Intelligent Judge
Subject: RE: BS: Intelligent Judge
It was fascinating to learn today that the textbook that the 'intelligent design' people were touting for the curriculum was one that had been originally written as a Creationist textbook, but when the Supreme Court ruled against teaching creationism, they simply changed the language to 'intelligent design' format.

The judge, fortunately, saw thru the attempt and said VERY plainly that 'intelligent design' was simply a thinly veiled religious argument.

And so far, I have not seen the best answer/reply to 'intelligent design' claims....which is "well, *I* have looked at the complex nature of the universe and life, and it is obvious that is WAY too complex to have ever been 'designed' by an intelligence!"

   That is the flaw in 'intelligent design' is basically just a statement of an opinion of beauty or taste. This is NOT what science does!!! Anyone who claims that scientific theories about evolution are 'merely opinion' either does not comprehend how scientific method works, or is misusing definitions to muddle the issue.