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Posted By: Arne
20-Dec-05 - 10:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Intelligent Judge
Subject: RE: BS: Intelligent Judge

Good news, and it only took a six week trial. Now for the inevitable appeals, and the preachings about activist judges.

Don't think there will be an appeal (here, at least). The fundies on the school board in Dover got turned out en masse in the November elections by a slate that was opposed to these whacks and to wasting school money pushing ID/creationism. The new school board won't waste any more money, were they even inclined to putting this codswallop in the schools.

BTW, you in Kansas have my sympathy; you turned out your own whacks down there, only to see them sneak back in again ... and likely to try the SOS again. The fight isn't over; the Dover case is a big blwo against their latest tactic, but they're a tenacious bunch, and with Gawd On Their Side, they'll keep coming and coming and coming.....

Keep up the good fight.