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Posted By: Bill D
20-Dec-05 - 11:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Intelligent Judge
Subject: RE: BS: Intelligent Judge
I just read this:

'Peter Briggs of the Family Research Council, a conservative group, described the ruling as a dangerous precedent.'

"That's a terribly slippery slope if we're going to say in a democracy, in a free country, that people who are motivated by religion are excluded from the public script."


Does everyone see what Mr. Briggs is doing in his remark? It is precisely being "motivated by religion" in their analysis of science that is at question here! No one is telling anyone what they must believe or what they can read...only that opinions that are essentially BASED on religion will not be recognized as proper for teaching in the public schools.

The ID people have already decided what the ultimate answer must be....they are just trying to find a way to disguise their logic so that careless folks will mistake it for 'science'.

Peter Briggs is accusing the court of doing exactly what HE is doing...trying to paint his opponents in a bad light by accusing them of prejudice, and portraying HIS group as 'trod upon'.