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Posted By: JohnInKansas
21-Dec-05 - 06:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Intelligent Judge
Subject: RE: BS: Intelligent Judge
As noted previously, complete transcripts of testimony at the trial are downloadable ad .pdf files from the ACLUPA website. While they're "interesting" all the way through, I don't suppose most people will want to read them all.

The ACLUPA website didn't have the decision up yet, although I suspect that they will eventually. They did give a thanks to another site for supplying some of the missing and garbled transcripts they received from the court, and there is a link to a .pdf of the full decision at National Center for Science Education, along with a number of related sources of information. (See the "All over in Dover" box.)

The Decision itself may be directly accessible at Memorandum Decision. It's a 129 page document, .pdf, 311 KB, and I found it quite interesting reading, although the only surprise it contained was that the judge so completely demolished the School Board's position on every point raised by them, and unequivocally supported the Plaintiffs.

Members of the Kansas School Board have already offered their opinion: "But it won't affect us because ours is different." It's unlikely that the Kansas Crapola will go to court, but my unprofessional opinion is that they're "Fundamentalistically WRONG." It's exactly the same BullShit.

An excellent and thorough job by the judge. And I thank him, and those who supported the Plaintiffs' action.