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Posted By: Bee-dubya-ell
21-Dec-05 - 09:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: Intelligent Judge
Subject: RE: BS: Intelligent Judge
By the way, in case anyone slept through Philosophy 101, Intelligent Design is really nothing more than a newer version of the Argument by Design, one of the three classic "proofs" of the existence of God. The Argument by Design is often stated in terms on an analogy: If you had never seen a clock, but came across one in the desert, you would be able to intuitively determine that it had been designed and created by someone and was not simply an "accident of nature". Since the Universe exhibits characteristics that also appear to be more than "accidents of nature" (including some that are, coincidentally, strikingly similar to some of the characteristics of a clock), doesn't that indicate the existence of an ultimate designer?

The Argument by Design was a cornerstone of the philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas during the 13th Century and has been rebutted, refuted, resurrected and rebutted again an untold number of times during the last 750 years.   

Also by the way, the other two "proofs" of God's existence are the Ontological Argument which says that since, by definition, God is the most perfect being He must have physical existence, and the Cosmological Argument which says that since everything is caused by something else there must be "first cause" which would be God. They also have been refuted numerous times. The general consensus seems to be that using logical means to "prove" the existence of God is a dead end street. Intelligent Design isn't just bad science, it's bad metaphysics.