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Posted By: Janie
21-Dec-05 - 11:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: sinking feeling.. natural remedies ?
Subject: RE: BS: sinking feeling.. natural remedies ?
Definitely see a doctor to rule out any medical issues.

Try some cognitive behavioral "therapy", with or without a therapist. David Burns has some decent self-help books out with CBT exercises. St. Johnswort can indeed cause photosensitivity. In rare cases, it can also cause kidney problems. It is more closely related to the MAO inhibitors than to SSRI's, so there are also some dietary precautions. Having said that, there is also decent imperical evidence that it can be helpful with milder depressive episodes.

If by "hooked" you mean to develop a physical or psychological craving, that does not occur with any of the antidepressants of which I am aware. If other interventions (the exercise, nutrition, CBT, etc.) don't take care of it, I urge you to not categorically exclude antidepressant medication as an option.

As a couple of others have already noted, exercise and good nutrition are important, as is practicing good self-nurturing.

Best of luck to you.