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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
22-Dec-05 - 02:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: sinking feeling.. natural remedies ?
Subject: RE: BS: sinking feeling.. natural remedies ?
Depression is a natural state in humans, and hopefully it is temporary and indicates that you are going through a period of adjustment of some sort. The "talking cure" is the best, so finding a counselor (someone with training in this field) would be a good start. Medications defer the cure, in my opinion, by dulling the sensations that you're trying to work through. Use the meds if the depression is so great that you need them, but talk it out as best you can also. (It has been said that having a good friend to talk with is as productive as seeing a psychiatrist for minor depressed situations).

Take care of yourself. Get the exercise Clinton and Amos suggested. A good walk will do, but if that isn't possible, then try rearranging your living room furniture. It's the endorphins that are released by exertion that help you feel better. Eat a healthy diet and STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR. Get enough sleep.