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Posted By: MBSLynne
22-Dec-05 - 06:33 AM
Thread Name: BS: sinking feeling.. natural remedies ?
Subject: RE: BS: sinking feeling.. natural remedies ?
St John's wort can make your skin light sensitive so that sunlight can cause dermititis. It also has the drawback of lessening the effectiveness of some other medications such as blood thinning drugs (and the pill!)

Try lemon balm. It's a natural mood-lifter and is also very mild and safe. You can drink it as a pleasant tasting tea on a regular basis with no problems. As others have said, excercise and fresh air release endorphins and help to lift mood

As soon as someone feels down everyone starts on about depression. #Depression is a very different thing from the 'blues' and certainly needs attention. It's perfectly possible to self-treat for the blues though.

Love Lynne