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Posted By: Abby Sale
28-Dec-05 - 10:20 AM
Thread Name: Happy! – Dec 26 (Kwanzaa / St Stephen)
Subject: RE: Happy! – Dec 26 (Kwanzaa / St Stephen)
Effsee: a moving story.

If anyone's interested, Bob Waltz's response. My comment as quotes, with ">"

>These are certainly the same song (see Lomax, FSNA, pp 305 & 311, in
>particular.) And you show the same Roud #, 236.

Roud is a lumper. I'm a splitter. The fact that he shows the same
number for the two just demonstrates the point. If I followed his
numbers for everything, there wouldn't be much point in two indices.
(There may not be anyway, but there would be even less in that case.)

I know a lot of people think they're the same song. I don't. The
difference in purpose is significant enough that they should
classify separately, though I allow the possibility of common

>Lomax (Alan in this case) doesn't give the source in the notes.

Which frequently seems to mean he touched it up. I have reached
the point where Lomax files in the "Niles" category. I just don't
trust his evidence.

These decisions are always tough. There are several I regret.
But, frankly, splitting "The Cutty Wren" and "Billy Barlow"
doesn't bother me at all -- I've yet to see the mixed version
where Billy hunts wrens. That would be, perhaps, the smoking
gun. :-)
[ie, "missing link" - ajs]

>I'm very pleased to send this to you. I so rarely get to send criticisms to the BI.

Oh, there are lots of things in there with problems. :-) It's just
that they mostly involve songs nobody cares about. :-)