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28-Dec-05 - 10:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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RObert Service.

Flenzing is one term for the slicing of strips of blubber from the side of a whale.

Early whalers used cold harpoons, in the form of metal or wooden spears with rope or cable attached, and usually barbed to prevent their release from the whale. Most of the first commercial whalers used hand harpoons, and later cold harpoons fired by cannons or guns. Explosive harpoons were not invented until the latter half of the nineteenth century.
The early cold harpoons rarely if ever caused instant death - multiple wounds, long chases and secondary measures such as the use of rifles, knives and clubs were required to kill the whales. Frequently animals were killed by flenzing (cutting them up).

And the never forgotten stanza:

Now we have got him turned up,
We tow him alongside;
We over with our blubber hooks,
And rob him of his hide.