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29-Dec-05 - 08:44 PM
Thread Name: Happy! - April 16
Subject: RE: Happy! - April 16 (Sir John Franklin)
An interesting true attempt at Northern exploration occurred in the 1897 when a Swedish trio attempted to reach the North Pole via balloon. The idea was to adjust their altitude to the best winds blowing them North. Unfortunately this was by no means reliable enough and they did not reach their goal, and spent months crossing floes and open leads in an attempt to return to civilization; shooting polar bears for food (and survival). They did not make it back. In 1930 their remains were found on a small bleak islet and many photo negatives were found which could be developed. A book came out in by Olof Sundman in 1970 "Flight of the Eagle" which takes the point of view of one of the trio as a work of art while keeping to the correct dates and known events.