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Posted By: CapriUni
01-Jan-06 - 09:55 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Good Luck for the New Year
Subject: RE: Folklore: Good Luck for the New Year
Okay, so I woke up with this wonderment in my head:

I've read, in my folklore studies, that the New Year used to be celebrated on April First, before Pope Gregory 'rebooted' the calandar in 1582. And the custom of April Fool's day started as a way to make fun of those country bumpkins who didn't get the news about the change...

So why is it that "January" is named "January" (After Janus, the god of doorways, and looking backward and forward), if it never fell at the beginning of something?

Is this another case of the folk (the Roman peasantry) picking one day to celebrate, while their military and government leaders pick another?