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Posted By: Gurney
02-Jan-06 - 03:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: Suggestions on making a baldric
Subject: RE: BS: Suggestions on making a baldric
Squeeze boxes don't work very well if they have a hole in them. In the bellows, particularly. One day I'll find out why my Lachenal is just as loud when the air is flowing INTO the thing -the pull stroke- as it is when flowing out.
I knew about foil, epee, and sabre. Didn't know there was another discipline.
My brother is a re-enactor in England, The Sealed Knot, I think it is called. Roundhead Musketeer, but I don't think they allow bayonets. Just as well, too.
Are you really sure that you want to be around weapons that 'work the way they are supposed to work?' Could be useful if you hear a noise in the night, but some years ago I DID hear one, saw a guy in my garden, and went out to accost him, armed with a large, but sheathed, knife. He turned out to be Armed Offenders Squad, with a machine gun, a pistol, and 7 mates all similarly armed. He mistook my weapon for a club, but I would imagine he wouldn't make that mistake with a sword. (Here) He could have confiscated the knife, at the least. A word to the wise.

The trouble was next door, and didn't eventuate.