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Posted By: Rapparee
02-Jan-06 - 10:01 AM
Thread Name: BS: Suggestions on making a baldric
Subject: RE: BS: Suggestions on making a baldric
Foil (which I started with, like most), epee (which I do now, since it's easier on the ol' knees), and saber (which I play at and get beaten by a 15-year-old on a regular basis) are sport.

Actual combat is a whole seperate thing. If you did some of the things that were taught -- things like tripping your opponent, deliberate disarms, grabbing the other's blade with your gloved hand and taken his weapon away, or smacking him in the face with you knuckle guard -- you'd be banned from sport fencing forever and ridden off the planet by the FIE.

Western martial arts are fascinating. Such things as savate, singlestick, quarterstaff, sambo, wrestling, use of the targe, sword combat in all of its varieties, knife fighting, archery, and others were all taught and developed up to (approximately) the general use of firearms. It can be argued that even firearms, especially handguns, have developed into a martial art -- read Fairbairn and Sykes' WW2 book "Shoot to Kill" as an example, or Ed McGivern's classic work on pistol shooting.

EVERY martial art, from Tai Chi to fencing to throwing the discus, evolved from warfare or other unpleasant encounters. We might not like to admit it but it's true.