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Posted By: Rapparee
03-Jan-06 - 10:00 AM
Thread Name: BS: Suggestions on making a baldric
Subject: RE: BS: Suggestions on making a baldric
Gurney, to answer your story:

If there was someone in my yard at night, I'd call the cops. They would, hopefully, know if it WAS a cop and supposed to be there. But what is worrisome to me is that they were carrying a machine pistol, what we here call a submachine gun. Those spray a lot of rounds around and I'd be worried about that -- they can be hard to control (I know from my days in the military!). What sort of person were they looking for? Osama Bin-Ladin? Yes, the cops here have full-auto weapons available, but they don't carry them and only specially-trained people are allowed to use them (semiautomatic 5.56mm carbines are carried in the trunk of the police cars, but even that takes an extra effort to use).

Actually, for "home defense" I have a nightstick. I know how to use it, it doesn't make much noise, and it doesn't leave nasty holes in the furniture, walls, and roof if I do use it. And you can get up close and personal -- my smallsword is 47 inches long and with the nightstick I can move more quickly. Yes, I have several knives, with blade lengths from 2 to 14 inches, but the nightstick, correctly used, doesn't leave bloodstains, either.

And, in case of home invasion, there's the lock on the door to the bedroom and a cell phone to call the cops.

(And if it came to it, there's a double-barrelled 12 bore with #4 buckshot. Locked up. With a trigger lock, too. In the basement. And the ammo's also locked up, seperately. In the basement. Like all my firearms are. Locked up. With trigger locks, too. In the basement. With the ammo locked up in the basement, seperately.)

Oh, yes. Our military re-enactment groups here use bayonets, real ones made of steel. They are mostly used to toast bread and sausages or as candle holders.