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Posted By: Bruce O.
19-Nov-97 - 05:18 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Barbara Ellen / Barbara Allen
Subject: RE: Barbarra Ellen
Stev Roud's indices. Now available directly from Steve Roud only, in England. [No longer distributed by Hisarlik Press.] The Folksong Index, with 1 supplement, comes on 18 3 1/2 inch floppy disks of 1.44 Mbyte capacity. This also includes songs on phono recordings. There is also a Broadside Index, with includes many songbooks also included. It is not as extensive as mine for 17th century broadsides, but has many reprints of 17th century ballads and many thousands of 18th and 19th century ones to as late as a copy of H. C. Work's "Grandfather's Clock" (1876).

You need a database system like Microsoft Access. Now data handling software comes with the disks. I managed to read the disk files into DBASE with no trouble. With field sizes as suggested, you need about 100 Megabytes of harddisk space. The two Indices together recently cost $130, American. This includes updates for 1 years.

Disks come with 20 fields per record separated by commas and text in quotes as "xx". By indexing on the 'OTHER NUMBERS' field all texts of Child 84 (Barbara Allen) got grouped together in one long series regardless of title or opening line.

Submit inquires to: Steve Roud 18 Amberley Grove Croydon CR0 6ND [Great Britain]