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Posted By: Áine
17-Jan-00 - 09:57 AM
Thread Name: Help: Advice on Hollow Body Guitars
Subject: Help: Advice on Hollow Body Guitars
I've been thinking about getting a hollow body and wanted to see what the 'experts' here on the 'Cat thought about hollow body guitars. I looked at an Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II and one of the Washburn J6 or J9 series (can't remember exactly which one) this weekend. I play strictly rhythm guitar and I'm looking for something with quick action, and a bright top sound and a mellow bottom sound. I'd like to get one with a neck no deeper than that of a Fender Strat.

Do any of you play hollow bodies and what do you think of them? And what kind of amp would you recommend for a hollow body?

Thanks in advance, Áine