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Posted By: NH Dave
06-Jan-06 - 02:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Suggestions on making a baldric
Subject: RE: BS: Suggestions on making a baldric
Seems to me that you could use any waist belt you liked, or make one to suit, and then modify it a bit.   If you want the belt to stay in place, with the weight of the sword and scabbard, add a shoulder or cross belt, a strip of leather that runs up and around the shoulder and back to the waist belt to keep that side of the waist belt up.

If you fasten the two ends of this cross belt a bit apart on the sword side of your waist belt, you can continue the outer ends of these straps down to become an adjustible sword or scabbard hanger.   You will need two custom or specially fashioned buckles for these ends, rectangular ones with a fixed vertical tongue mounted upright on the crossbar, to engage the holes in the sdjustible straps.

The buckles will be large and wide enough to accept two layers of this belting, and will look like a capital letter "H" with a bar across the top and bottom of the "H", turned onto its side. This will allow the strap to go through the buckle, around the scabbard or sword frog, and back up to and through the buckle, underneath the descending part of the strap end. The tongue of this buckle will be a vertical bit of metal braised or welded onto the center bar of the buckle, at a right angle to the plane of the buckle, to protrude through the adjusting holes on these strap ends.

After you have bought or made two of these buckles, you can hang the sword at any height or angle, whatever makes for a comfortable draw angle, by varying the length of the two ends of the shoulder strap, using the specially made buckles.    As I said earlier, the ends of the shoulder strap come down and either over or preferably, under the waist belt down towards the sword. Run one end of each strap through the buckle, leaving enough of a loop in the buckle so the holes in the strap won't be caught by the vertical tongue of the buckle. Run the free end of the strap around the scabbard or frog of the sword, and back through the buckle, UNDERNEATH the first part of the strap, pressing both down onto the tongue of the buckle. This "free floating" buckle will allow you to make either end of the sholder strap as long as you wish, to raise or lower the position of the sword, as well as adjusting the angle of the sword by shortening the position of the buckle and hence the length of each strap. This will also allow the free ends of these straps to extend up under the waist belt keeping them up out of the way.

If you are only going to make one of these sword belts for yourself this will do. If others will be using this same belt, you will want to make a longer shoulder strap, cut in two, with a buckle around the level of the chest to adjust the heighth of the waist belt and sword, to accommodate the different sizes of your friends, or the members of your crew.