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Posted By: Peter T.
09-Jan-06 - 09:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: Wikipediaists?
Subject: RE: BS: Wikipediaists?
A "stub" is just a place holder waiting for someone to do something properly in the space.

Actually, it is really easy to contribute. You can contribute anytime by simply taking an existing article and adding to it (just Search for an item of interest to you, and click the edit bracket (usually on the right side of each section). The beauty is that it is immediately up on the site -- and of course since it is subject to correction (even by you!) you can be imperfect. If you want to start an article, you need to start an account (go to the Main Page, and there is a clicky to the login page -- all you have to give is your name and a password, and you are set. On the same page there is an instruction site which gives you the codes for getting rolling -- Stilly River, it also tells you how to do the picture thing. The only ones you really need are === (equals signs on each side of your main heading to big bold it) and ''' (apostrophes on each side to bold) and [[[ (brackets that link you to wherever else on the site you want a word to refer (it makes the link automaticaly if there is such a place).

At the bottom of each edit page is an "edit summary" to which you should add a few words about what it is you have done so that other people can know that you have been in there.

I should say that like Mudcat, if you are someone who likes to exercise their knowledge (it is a kind of weird anonymous showing off as well as a contribution), it is completely addictive.


Peter T.