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Posted By: Peter K (Fionn)
09-Jan-06 - 10:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: Wikipediaists?
Subject: RE: BS: Wikipediaists?
"It is not as much fun as Mudcat, but pretty fun."

I'd say it's ahead of Mudcat, Peter T. If you're using Wikipedia to resesarch stuff that's obviously contentions, the territory is usually pretty well patrolled, and the background arguments are likely to be wonderful examples of people with widely divergent views working sometimes heatedly, but usually constructively, towards consensus.

My own main interest is the Balkans, and I can't imagine a better research tool than Wikipedia for pursuing this subject. For instance the entry on the Ustasha contains detail and achieves balance to an extent that is unlikely to be found in any other single source. And the debates between contributors that led to it saying what it does are there to be consulted too.

All pretty remarkable and encouraging in terms of the human condition, considering that just a dozen years ago some of those contributors were on opposite sides in an incredibly bitter and cruel war.